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Maintaining your car is an essential part of owning a BMW. Without the proper maintenance schedule, it will not last as long as it could. Since there is no such thing as "Lifetime" fluids, these do-it-yourself instructions should help you tackle all of the different maintenance items you should ever come across. Enjoy

Maintenance Schedules and Information
Download Description

Enhanced Maintenance Schedule (48K)

Enhanced Maintenance Schedule (440K)

This document goes over basic maintenance information if you're planning on keeping your car for the long term. I highly recommend taking a minute or two and reading through the document. Everyone has their own opinions but this plan will definitly keep your car in top shape.
Bmw Service Checklist (23K) This is the BMW documentation to let you know what is done for the 330ci at each inspection interval. It helps you to make sure that you're getting everything done properly if you are doing it yourself.

Resetting Service Indicator

A common question is how do you reset your service indicator. Just follow these simple directions that work for an oil change or a scheduled service interval:
1. Press and hold trip meter button down and turn ignitiion key to accesory position.
2. Hold until you see 'reset'.
3. Release and immediately press and hold again for 5 seconds, until 'reset' flashes.
4. Release and press again.

Do-It Yourself Maintenance

Jacking Up Your Car Using A Floorjack And Jackstands



Engine and Transmission

Suspension and Brakes




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