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Jacking Up Your Car Using A Floorjack And Jackstands

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If you have a nice floorjack and jackstands, this is an easy task and should only take a few minutes. I highly reccomend a good low profile floor jack and some decent jack stands (One's that fit right over the factory jack pads are an added plus).

The Front Jacking Point Controversy
A lot of people believe that jacking from the front jacking point is not a good idea. My opinion is that the front frame is right underneath it and for the few seconds that it supports the car, it's not going to do anything bad. It might deform a little bit, but no car is perfect. If you don't like my method, feel free to follow your own.

Tools Needed
Set Of Low Profile Ramps (These can be replaced with some 2x10's or equivalents, but the ramps are always nice to have)
Low Profile Floorjack (At least 1.5 Ton Capacity and a long handle is highly reccomended)
Small Piece Of Wood (To put over the cup of the floor jack so nothing gets damaged)
4 Jackstands (At least 1.5 Ton Capacity)
Common Sense (So you don't crush yourself because of your own stupidity)

Extra Warning!

Jacking up your car can be extremely dangerous, so if you do not feel comfortable operating a floor jack or being under a car supported by jack stands then do not attempt to do this! Take your time and make sure that you are constantly being safe! NEVER EVER GET UNDER A CAR ONLY SUPPORTED BY A FLOOR JACK! They can fail and as you can imagine can cause some serious injury. Also make sure that you are ensuring that the car cannot roll off of the jack stands or ramps when you are lifting or lowering the vehicle! Invest in some wheel chocks, keep the parking brake on, and keep your car in gear!


Locate The Front Jack Pads

Locate The Rear Jack Pads

Locate The Cars Jack Pads
1. Look underneath the side of your car hidden beneath the side skirt. You will find one jack pad in the front and in the rear. These are the safe jacking points that we will be using to support the car. (Note: If you are planning to remove the wheels, break or loosen the lug nuts a bit before lifting the car, unless of course, you have air tools.)


Jack Up Each Side On The Jack Pad

Insert The Ramps Under The Tire

Car Up On Ramps

Lift The Front One Side At A Time And Place The Ramp Underneath The Front Wheel
2. Placing the floor jack underneath the front jack pad, lift the front of the car until you can put the car up on the ramps. Please refer to the pictures to the right. (Note: Make sure that you do this to both sides, since this is the only way we will be able to get enough clearance to get the rest of the car off of the floor.)


Lift The Rear Of The Car Right In Front Of The Rear Diff

Closeup Of The Rear Diff

Insert The Two Jack Stands Under The Rear Jack Pads

Closeup Of Jack Stand Placement

Lift The Rear Of The Car And Place The Two Rear Jackstands
3. Locate the part of the rear frame that runs in front of the rear differential and lift up the rear of the car. Note: DO NOT LIFT THE REAR FROM THE DIFFERENTIAL! My ramps have lips to prevent the car from rolling forward, but ensuring that the wheels in the front care chocked is never a bad idea.
4. Either using a friend, or very carfully, allign the 2 jackstands and slowly lower the rear of the car onto the jackstands. When everything is completed, it should look like the pictures to the right.


Jack Up The Front From The Front Jacking Point

Closeup Of The Front Jacking Point

Car Up On Jack Stands

Plenty Of Room To Work

Lift The Front Of The Car And Place The Front Jackstands
(Note: This step is only necessary if you are desiring extra room underneath the car or need to take off the front wheels, otherwise, it's fine to leave it on the jack stands!)
5. Locate the center jacking point in the front of the car and place the floor jack underneath it. The wood will keep the pad from deforming, so lift up the front of the car and carefully place the two front jack stands.
6. Carefully lower the front onto the jackstands and now look at your safely lifted car. It never hurts to slide your wheels or the ramps underneath the side of the car as an insurance policy. You can never be too careful with your life. Begin working!
7. To lower the car, carefully and safely follow the exact same steps in reverse. BE CAREFUL!


This is a simple, safe, and easy way to get the car onto jackstands. It gives plenty of room to work and allows you to do any Do-It-Yourself job from the garage! Yes, this is not my car, it's my brother's 2004 330ci. I really like the look of the Style 71 rims and like always, it's an excellent choice for a vehicle!

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